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Richard W. Rinn

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Apr 28, 2009
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Glasgow, Scotland
How do!

Just joined the forum as I've found over the last year my interest in photography has increased quite a bit from just appreciating photographs and cinematography to actually wanting to take more photographs and understand the process.

I've been reading a book by one E.S. Bomback from 1964 which has helped a bit, and have experimented a bit with my girlfriend's Nikon D-50 to the extent that I sort of understand how to use the manual settings and what effects they have (although I still end up with red cast photo's at night outside). It's probably her fault that I've gotten interested in photography as she was doing a fine art photography course at art school. There's an old Pentax K1000 (I think) and a Bronica medium format camera kicking about when I feel I've got to grips with the manual settings on the Nikon.

Most of the photography that excites me (especially in terms of colours) is from the pre-digital era so I doubt I'll stick with the digital if I get into it more seriously. I'm used to using photo editing software because of my work, but wouldn't see that as part of my recreational photographic exploits, just because I don't like working with computers any more than I have to. Oh, I've a keen interest in recording music (to magnetic tape more often than not) as well and have seen a lot of parallels with that and photography at times.

Oh, and a question about lighting, if it's alright to put that in my introduction... I bought a light for photography several months back, an Arri 650 Plus, intending to maybe use it for some band portrait stuff but generally for taking photo's of things at work (like commercial product photography sort of - mainly photographing aluminium extrusions) and maybe a bit of selling things on eBay. I've found though that even though having a dedicated big bright light (previously what would have been getting used would have been household lamps!) throws a good deal of light on the subject, it's often still not enough and could do with light coming from other angles for highlights and removing shadows and whatnot (I'm not going down the lighting tent/softbox or strobe route, it just doesn't seem like my cup of tea). Would I be correct in thinking that I should look for another light which has the same colour temperature as the one I have (3200 K tungsten I think)?!


hi and welcome!
Hi Richard, and welcome to TPF!

(Sorry, can't answer your lighting question)

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