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Feb 1, 2012
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My friend made this account for me :grumpy:, and I don't want it. How do I delete it??
You mean delete your TPF account? You can't. You're here forever. The Matrix has you.

ashleiboucher said:
Haha Ohh no! D:

If you don't come back - it'll be like you never had an account!
Put everyone on ignore and have fun.....
lol. So you didn't get the comments you were hoping for . Lol

just go away and everyone will forget you.

just because you have an account doesn't mean you have to login.
We typically do not delete accounts of regular members here.

However if you no longer wish to take part in the site simply edit your profile to change your registered email to something random (eg [email protected]) and then log out of the forums, deleting any bookmark/favourite links you might have made here. You can also clear your recent web browsing history. Thereafter the forums won't appear when you type in your address bar; won't be present in your link lists and also won't contact you through your email.

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