How do you know where your photos are published online?

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    Hi All,
    I have a question for all photographers here - the web has hundreds of millions of websites,billions of digital images are out there.
    How do you know which sites publish your photos?
    How interesting is it for you to know which sites publish your photos?
    If a service that will let you know where on the web your photos are published,would you be willing to pay for it?

    Any thoughts shared will be highly appreciated.


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    >> How do you know which sites publish your photos?

    Easy answer... you don't. Its a difficult problem to track hence why a lot of photographers place watermarks across their work posted as samples.

    It would be very interesting for a photographer to know which sites publish your photos. I suppose you could use a very unique string of characters as an identifier in the final jpeg filename posted on the internet. Google might be able to pick it up later on but this doesn't work if someone renames the filename.

    Sure... depending on how much and how much the service is worth to me. At this time, I'm not making a living from fine art photography so it doesn't impact my income in any way.

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