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Aug 15, 2006
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How far do you want to go with your photography- Where do you want to take it? What do you want or expect from it?
I want to be good enough that i can take professional looking photos of my kids so that I dont have to pay other people. I would really like to get good enough in a couple years to make a little money so that my hobby can pay for itself.
I don't know. It'd be nice if I could make it my job, but then again, i'd probably have to take a pay cut since i've been doing my current career for so long..

As it stands, i'm just having fun and going with the flow. I just want to be consistent right now.
I'd like to be able to take a little more pride in the work I've done. Instead of having photos I feel so-so about, I want to look at them and be impressed with myself. It probably won't ever happen because I'm too critical of my own work, but a guy can dream.
Personally, I'm hoping to go full time pro within the next 2 years. I do know that weddings and kids will not be a major thing for me. I have a feeling that corporate portraiture and commercial work is where I'm heading. Although lifestyles and theater are big interests to me.

Now I just need to find that right sponsor! Anybody know a good Nikon rep?
Well, I wouldn't mind if situations came up that'd help me to finance the hobby justa little, but other than that I have no plans to leave the area of amateur-ship. I certainly don't want to be a professional. But an exhibition here or there and people using my photos for posters or parents buying prints off me seems nice enough.

Bhop says it nicely: "having fun and going with the flow" wanting to "be consistent". That seems to sum it all up well.
I dont see myself becoming a professional. Like others said, I want to get good enough to take professional looking shots for family and friends. But the more I shoot and the more I read, the more equipment I want to buy. So it would be nice to make a little money to pay for the equipment.
My goal is to have enough time, so I can evolve as a photographer.

Which will not happen for many MANY years...
At my current age, (19 college student), i would like to get to the point where i can make a bit of money and do portrait jobs so it can help pay for itself. But even if i dont get money for it, i want to be able to go out with my camera and get portfolio/gallery level shots consistently.
Ultimately I would like to be an art director. For me photography is only an element in a broader scope of art and media. Also feel that traditional stills will fall by the wayside. Video will dominate. I look forward to that and hope to embrace the technology.

Love & Bass
I want to get to the point that I satisfy myself. A few here and there that are appreciated and some monetary exchange would be nice, accolades from some close friends would probably be better, but when the time comes that I have an (undetermined) amount of keepers that make me ponder, that and only then, is it okay by me.

At the moment I use others' gauge to direct what is appreciable, but only to a limited extent. Only I am the determinent of my own vision and destiny. Sod the rest.

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