how is business for you guys so far this year?


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Jun 26, 2006
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This booking season i had ONE call so far. no emails, just the one call. we have 4 weddings booked for this year so far. it's very frustrating and i know it is everywhere, with this economy. just curious as to where you guys are with it? We also offer pro video on HD / blu-ray. We have the gear and the talent but not many bookings. as far as advertising, i try one large area each year. this year it is in the Chicago Bride magazine. no expos...can't afford them. i'm on a few websites as well....NOT the knot. way toooooo expensive! website is updated and enhanced for keywords each month. trying to be creative but we feel like we're hitting a wall at every turn.
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I am new to SoCal and so far the few clients that I do have keep me busy. I think retail photographers are getting hit harder then commercial photographers. Partly because of the economy partly because the retail market is getting really saturated.

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Booming, then again I give the client photographs of themselves, usually showing their faces while leaving the empty chair/nothing of interest/crap lighting shots that I could waste my time on to the many P&S shooter/guests that are invited to the gig. Just on my way to another two hours graft now, must dash. H
The crisis has actually been very beneficial for microstock-contributors.

It seems that the photo-buyers has switched to the more affordable "platform".

I have submitted to 123rf and for few months have noticed a significant increase in sales.

I know you're dealing with a different type of service, but I'm pretty sure that in few months your business will start booming. The crisis is really temporary.
Ive never been so busy...and just had one of my most profitable its not really effecting me....yet...
it's been 2 years? how about now? still slow, but then again i stopped marketing 2 years ago, relying just on my website in cyberspace. I get maybe 3-5 a year. I'm fine with that. I can only chase ghosts so long before realizing my life is passing me by. I did sign a client today, which is nice, for a wedding next year.
Is your site flash only? (looks like it).
Maybe you're missing out because Apple devices won't see your site. Also, I think that Flash isn't as good for SEO.

I Googled 'Chicago Wedding Photographer' and didn't see your website in the first 10 pages. I added 'video' and still didn't see you in 10 pages. I'm sure the market is over-saturated, but if you are relying on your website to bring in your'll need to be very competitive with your SEO.

Let's take a step back. is ROTTER studios - Chicago suburbs - photography - video - recording studio - Elgin your only website?
It doesn't mention anything about wedding photography on your website (but that's obviously an area that you are pursuing). So if a perspective bride-to-be looks at your website...what would make them think that you are the wedding photographer for them? Even if they dig around for a few minutes (which they won't), there really isn't anything to see.
Even if you did have a 'wedding' section of your site....I don't think that all the other stuff helps...and probably hurts. The recording studio, the shots of bands, shows and musicians etc. They want to see that you shoot weddings and you need to hook them right away and make them want to view your site for a while.

My suggestion would be to have a separate site, dedicated to just wedding photography and SEO the hell out of it. I'm wondering if you are already doing this...just because the site in your sig says nothing about weddings.

Then, what about social media? Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc? Many of the successful photographers I know are all over this stuff. Remember that most brides are going to be in their 20s...and many of that generation are living their lives on social media.

I went to a seminar last year (or the year before) and saw this guy (these guys) and they had some pretty good ideas.
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My first three months started off well, slow since May, below average summer shoots but a new client in August that could result in 3 months of work.
Hey Mike, rotterstudios is non weddings. is only weddings. I have Seo embedded. It changes to HTML if non flash devices are used. I no longer use HTML. I go through photobiz online site development. I use Facebook here and there. I know I can do more but don't have the time or $$. 2 full time jobs and a family make it rough. It's something I came to terms with as far as not pursuing. 1 full-time job is enough

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