How Long was it Before You Got Your Second Lens?


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Dec 29, 2011
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I have had my camera from the start of this month. I want a better telephoto/zoom, but at the same time, I want to learn the basics of photography and be able to take decent pictures with the kit lens before I invest in another one. What do you guys think, and how long did you have your first slr before you bought a second lens?
Learn first and see if you're actually going to stick with it.
I bought my first SLR with 3 primes, and no kit lens. But I had shot other cameras for like 15 years, and had pretty much already taken care of "the basics of photography".

I think the only reason you might want to wait, instead of jumping in, is that you may learn more about what lens is best for you as time passes. If there's a specific tele lens you're looking at because you understand lenses, and you know it's awesome, and it will serve you for a long time, then go ahead and get it. If on the other hand you know you need another lens, but don't really know how to choose one, then it's probably in your best interest to learn a bunch more first.
My first DSLR ever in 2004, I had a used 3rd party lens (I think it was 28-300). I used that for about 5 years before I could afford another. :D
How Long was it Before You Got Your Second Lens?

Why would that matter?
if $$$ is burning a hole in your wallet, go out and buy yourself another lens.
A month or two I think, but I honestly wasn't really using my DSLR that much with the first lens. Sure I could takes snaps with it, but it wasn't really giving me what I wanted in a lens. Now when the second lens came along - a neat 70-300mm macro from sigma - now that was when the photo bug bit!

Honestly once you've got the money and a proper idea what lens will expand or further your photography - go for it. I wouldn't get a DSLR and then restrict yourself. The DSLR is all about giving you freedom of choice to expand your photography - so go for it.
I started with two, but shot with those for at least a year before I got another. I wouldn't have the newest one if my dad hadn't offered me his old lens. I can't afford it.
How Long was it Before You Got Your Second Lens?

As long as it took me to respond to the sales guy at the camera store, after deciding on a camera & lens, asking, "Anything else?"
I started with a D5100 that came with the kit lens. I immediately realized that I wanted more reach so bought the Nikkor 55-300 about a week later. Not long after that I realized I wanted more camera so I returned the D5100 w/kit lens and picked up a D7000 and a Tamron 17-50.
About a year.

I advice you to not buy anything unless you feel limited by not owning it. There are stuff I'd like now, but I don't think I need it. Learn the basics. I've read that most people go for a tele zoom as their second lens. I went with a wide angle zoom, because that was what I felt I never was as wide as I wanted with the 50mm prime I started out with. When you know what you want, and really itch by not having it, then it you can buy it.

If I were your guru, sitting on a mountain top and drinking tea with a long, thin mustache, I'd order you to go out and learn composition, understand your camera, only use your eyes by looking through the viewfinder - you should learn to compose shots without having to look through the viewfinder. Know your camera, know how to handle it smoothly. Set the ISO without having to search for the button.

Start with foundation. Then build walls. The roof comes next. Then comes the chimney.
Go out and shoot pictures, lots of pictures. If you are thinking of buying a new lens because you think it will improve your photography, well it won't. Only practice will improve your photography. If there is a genre of photography you are pursuing, like macro photography, then certainly go purchase that lens.Good luck with your decision!

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