How many here owe something to David Hobby AKA Strobist?


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Dec 3, 2008
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I know I sure do. That guy has put out a blog that such clear, concise, easily digested material. Would it be far off to say that he is among the most influential photographers today?
I already donated my first born... lol. The Strobist is a very well thought out, very well done blog. The photo world is a better place because of David Hobby.
Yeah I do. Though I dont do as much lighting work as I like, I use his site when I do.
Though I don't plan to start with lighting anytime soon, I still enjoy the blog.
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I've always had my mind on studio lighting, natural lighting, etc. I ended up with strobist-like setup for portability rather by accident. It's only been recently where I've started to take a lot more away from the site, but it's a good resource.
i love the way he explains trivial things about lighting too
What's really cool is living so close to Baltimore and having him drop by some of the Strobist meets and workshops.

Don Giannatti, Briana, and David Hobby all under one roof was a treat. :D

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