How many MEGA PIXELS is your digital?


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Jul 5, 2003
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I know I am going right to hell for this one but here it gose...

On my last post "What do you bring with you" this point of view came out and I would like to get side tracked on this for a bit.
I think I speak for all the digital people, when I say that you non-digital'ers are funny! Carting around all those lenses and and rolls of film. Funny Funny Funny (but we won't get this thread side tracked about that will we now )

As far as I know, and I could be very wrong, the best digital cameras only can give you about 6-8 mega pixels. If that is right and I can get a 35mm film scanner that can give me 11.2 mega pixels. How is digital so much better :scratch: ? I can see the ease of use and that you can see your shot 1 sec. after you take it. I do have a canon S50 which is 5mp and the shots from it are good and all, but don't compair to the ones I can get from my 35mm SLR. Is this just becouse of the point and shoot vs. a SLR, and a digital SLR would take cair of that? But as for now I want to keep my old format 35mm around untill the new digital can give me the same type of prints.
As far as all of the lenses I have not see a digital zoom that was worth anything at all. So with digital you still need to have a few lenses to take all the shots that a 35mm can take.

This is just one persons point of view!!!
and I know I can be very wrong but that is why I wanted to post this on here and see what you all thought!
I have 2.1 megapixels.

Kodak makes a 13 megapixel camera.

I saw a 20x30 print made from this camera and it looked like it came from a large format camera.
My G5 is 5.0 MP as well. And as much as people will tell you differently, a 35mm film camera will outperform it time after time in terms of raw image quality.

But however, Digital cameras are far better at doing certain things. And for me, its these benefits, as well as the drawbacks of 35mm cameras that initially made me buy a digital. I'll run through some of the points I took into account.
  • - I'm a nerd, having the photos put straight onto computer is a big plus for digital cameras.
    - Alot of the stuff I do involves a laptop and connecting the camera to it to review photos straight after they are taken. You just can't do that with a film camera.
    - Even when out in the field, I can review photos just after taking them, make modifications to the camera settings, retake the photo, review, etc.
    - Cost of film and processing. With my G5, I bought a 512meg Ultra Fast CF Card which was about $270 (Australian). To my way of thinking that would pay for 20 odd rolls of film and processing, which in turn is 700'ish photos. I've already taken over 1000 since buying the camera (about a month).
    - 99% of my photos get downloaded to the computer and then never printed. Its not because I can't print them at high enough quality, its just that I have no need.
On the negative side however
  • - Less quality as previously discussed. But when you're not printing them, it makes a difference of zero.
    - People with film camera's taunt me.
my old one was 2.5 ... my new one is 5MP

*and i have forbidden my hubby to post in this thread* :lol:

The important thing to remember is the difference between printing digital pics and having the lab printing them. While I believe digital is very close to film....printing is not.
the sigma one is nice... it is only 3.4 mp, but has the foveon cmos that makes it a great camera (still im not buyin the 10.2 mp bit)

mine is 6.?? dont remember canon 10d.

also the mp on a dslr is a bit different than on a digital camera..... if i remember right.
I don't buy the 10mp on the Sigma either... but at 3mp it was capturing as much and sometimes more detail than 6mp camers.

Canon announced the 300D... most of the features of the 10D at half the price.
I have a 2.1
I want a better one though...but 3 is enough for me, I don't want to print large photos I guess...

Why I am using digital;
I also keep 99% on my computer
I don't have the money to get all the films developed
I'm very very impatient :lol:

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