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Feb 22, 2004
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Heres a question for those of you who have done tfp sessions. I have a session coming up with a model, I asked her to think about whether she wanted tfp or tfcd. Then I realised, geez, how many prints are you required to provide when doing tfp?

Am I supposed to do prints of every shot, do I just say hey pick 10 of your favorites?
It depends on your negotiation skills.

I usually give them 2-3 prints, if they pay for printing. Or a low resolution CD... that's the maximum.
Hmm, that really doesnt sound like many, especially tfp's when they have to pay :meh:, If I were a model I dont think Id be happy with 3 prints for 2 hours shooting.

Anyone else want to weigh in here?
I usually give them a handful. 4 - 6 normally. Remember that if they used a commercial portfolio service they'd be paying a couple of hundred for each 8x10 or A4 print. As long as you agree it first, it doesn't matter - I would normally go for one print per hour of actual modelling and keep the session to three or four hours.

At the end of the day, quite often the models ask me for extra copies for parents, grandparents etc. and these are the sensitive issue - quite often they don't realise that £20-£50 is reasonable for a large reprint.

Make sure they sign a model release form even before you pick up your camera.

I've shot a friend recently and a few shots turned out much better than expected. I want to put them on my site, but my friend "would prefer not to"

So I can't publish it and I can't push it.

Don't give them the power to jerk you around.

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