How much do you think these are worth?


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Jul 1, 2013
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My third cousin is selling these old studio lights. My studio is 10 x 15 and I was going to buy a strobe or two, but thought maybe these would work. I m going to look at them tomorrow. He said they work and have extra blubs. Can anybody tell me if I should get them to play with in the studio or just save my money and buy something new. I do mostly outdoor shoots and just use the studio for newborn and a few others. He said he was asking 100.00 but really needs the money and wants them out of the house. I was thinking maybe 40-45.00? Thanks $1013679_10201325753248024_1530836668_n[1].jpg
I would worry about the capacitors blowing up when you switch the power pack to ON. Seriously. Not kidding you. Unless he has been using these, as in recently, I would first "condition" the capacitors by plugging the unit into wall outlet with it ON, and then un-plug it after 2 seconds, then wait about 30 seconds, then plug it back in for 4 seconds, then un-plugg it, wait a minute or two, then plug it back in, still set to ON, for about 5 seconds, then wait a couple minutes, then after 6 seconds, MAYBE the ready-light will come on...let it come on, then UN-plug it and wait 5 minutes.

I am NOT kidding you...unless the capacitors have been "formed", in a pack of that vintage, you truly risk having one blow up after 30 seconds. IF however,m you "form" the capacitors as suggested, then fire a frame with the flash heads connected, let it fill back up, and wait a few minutes, then fire another frame. Start this old warhorse off very,very gingerly, and it might give years more service.

Or, it might not.
Have another camera set up to roll video ... if it explodes you've gotta share.
As Derrel mentioned, be wary of the capacitors. Not only could they 'go off', if they do, they're likely full of not very nice electrolytic in a unit of that age. $100 would be a top figure in my book, and $50 much more reasonable, IF they worked. This set, somewhat newer is going for $100, and I thought it was a bit over-priced. I recently picked up a Brownline 3 light kit, 800 w/s supply, umbrellas, stands, etc, all in excellent condition for $500... It might work for a long time, but... you might also be out $100!
thank you very much. I will be very careful and check them out good before I spend any money. Thanks again.
Well capacitors or not, the stands certainly aren't going to blow up, and they might be worth $20

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