How much is a k mount wide angle worth?


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Jan 20, 2009
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Hi. I'm new to film photography and I am trying to get started. I recently bought a Ricoh KR5 super II camera and I'm looking for a wide angle lens for it. I found a Super Albinar wide angle 1:2.8, 28mm on ebay and was wondering what is a good price on this and is it a decent lense?
I've never heard of Super Albinar.. but after a little research, it seems like a low grade "cheap" lens. If you're on an extreme budget, it'll probably be 'ok' but not great.

Personally, I would get this instead:

edit:.. can't seem to get the link to work, but it's a Pentax brand 28mm f/2.8 search ebay for 'Pentax 28mm manual focus' and it should come up.
Thanks. I'll check that out.
Problem is, it won't
mount on my K10D.This is a Ricoh mount. it's like a K mount, but some had
this wide flange. Since people want so much for the used Pentax SMC-A 28mm,
with my zoom to see if the 20mm is worth the money over the 24mm, and 28mm.

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