How much photo do you get out of a 2-3 hour shoot ?


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Jan 25, 2010
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Im not sure about every one else but if i compare all the last shoot i did when doing portrait shoot with models. (friends, model mayhem or anything portfolio related), I awlays shoot like 100+- shot an hour at a location. My shoots are 2 -3 hours each and i always end up getting 40-50 shots out of a shoot.

It seems like these stats are consistent all the time. When the models i shoot with ask me how many shot they will get i can almost guess the numbers using these stats since its kinda consistent.

anyone else noticed the same thing or it varies alot from shoot to shoot?
Yes and no.

It depends on what the subject is and what the end result that you are looking for.
I would say it also depends on what kind of session you are doing. For most portrait, family, or e-sessions I spend from 1- 1 1/2 hours and will get around 50 images or so that I will give the client.
My sessions tend to be an hour to 2 hours, and I normally shoot about 200 pics. I figure its better to have to many and capture the right millisecond than to not take enough and miss the perfect shot. for example when doing a pose, I may take 5 of it before moving on to the next one, even if the next one is slightly different. one usually has a blink, or semi blink, or weird facial expression.
I think it all depends on you as a photographer and how comfortable with your images you are. There are some photographers that can shoot like 50 frames in an hour or even less and still be able to produce 25 great images. Then there are others that shoot and have 100 frames in an hour and they have just as many. Really, I feel like the longer you've been at it the more comfortable with it you are and you know exactly what you want and are looking for. Also, I think taking into consideration how the model/subject is plays a factor into it. There are some people that come in and you can just play and come up with new things, unlike others.
The number of images depends on the type of session I'm handling. Sometimes when it's just not working I don't get even a 40 in 2-3 hours, so I feel the model or the mood also plays a vital role. However, most of the time my hours lasts from 2-3 hours and each time I get at least 50 good images.
I typically shoot 1.5 to 2 hours per location. I shoot models, mostly. I'm happy if I process 3-5 shots per shoot. :D

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