How much to charge for music cd photos?


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Sep 2, 2004
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An independent recording artist wants to use some of my photos for his upcoming album.
How do I go about charging, how much should I charge?
Are there any online forms or guides?
I don't want to overcharge, but I don't want to get ripped off either.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Depends on the size of his label. If they're ok for cash, then charge whatever you like. If it's a friend of a friend type arrangement, then just get a good credit in the album cover.

don't quote me on this, as i am not in the industry and don't really know anything about photos for CDs, but i talked to a pro once that did a lot of cd covers/band photos for inside (LA area, did these for extra cash on the side) and he said he charged a flat fee of $1000 for each one. He said it was pretty easy money...
I took pictures for a friend who was putting together his first CD. I shor four rolls of film at his home and studio and then went to one of the nightclubs he was playing and shot another roll there. I charged him for the film and processing and all I asked was an autographed copy of his CD and credits on the album cover if he used any of the shots. KInd of what Rob said above.
If you would like, I will ask my sister. She is a contract attorney for Dreamworks studios. She does alot of the music contracts for their movies. Let me know.

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