how much to charge?

Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by nomav6, Jan 23, 2007.

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    whats the lowest you would charge to photograph a house/houses for real estate agents?

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    Just curious if you had an agent contact you to request photog services or if you were seeking them out. In my experience in house hunting, the agents took their own pictures, many of which were rather poor quality, but they didn't want to cut into their percentage to pay someone to do it. I think for those agents who do actually pay for the service, the photog makes their money from sheer volume. If it were me, I wouldn't do it for a set fee, but rather a percentage based on the asking price of the home. I guess I would have a minimum though as well. Just guessing, I'd say that you be hardpressed to get more than $100 for pics of a house with asking price of 100K.

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