How to achieve the look of these photos


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Aug 29, 2010
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Umm, are you talking about the vignette?
The colors of the photo and the exposure and the way that even though its low light the people are light and the sky isnt over exposed.
Lots of masking, layers and curves I reckon. Or lots of masking in lightroom.
Stamn3, when you post the work of others, please don't embed their photos into your link but post links only as not to create any kind of confusion.
And these can't be your work, since you're asking about how to achieve this effect...
Post 1 image when asking something like "How do I do this"
They're all different.
I personally don't want to write a three chapter message on the three different images.

It looks to me like the first two used fill flash. The third looks like the couple was dropped in later.

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