How to deal with leaves?


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May 9, 2013
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Iowa City, IA
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Many of my attempts at HDR are ruined simply because even the slightest breeze will put leaves in a completely different position for each of the multiple shots to be combined later into HDR.

Thus, when put together, they end up as a fuzzy mess (or a patchwork mess, depending on program and settings).

Are there any programs that make it really easy to perhaps manually specify areas with leaves and instruct the program to only use one exposure in those areas, or something? I mean I could do this myself, if I had half an hour to waste on every photo, but I'm hoping for some existing feature that would make it a tolerable amount of effort.
I would think using layer masks in CS might work. But I do not have much experience with bracketing.
either ghost correction or using layer masks in photoshop. YOu can take one of your still images where the leaves are in and use that as the under layer in photoshop. IF its to bright or to dark you can tone mapp that single layer then use it to mask in. YOu could aslo use layer adjustments if that layer is to bright or dark if you wish not to tone mapp it to match the HDR image, by using brightness and contrast or levels....this works wonders and results if done correctly are flawless.....


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