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Apr 6, 2009
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I'm an English teacher with a passion for taking photos, and I'm looking for ways to get more involved with it so that I can eventually change my job into something that is more involved with photography and journalism. I've tried searching job ads to no end, and it leaves me dissatisfied. Can anyone advise me of some steps to take so that I might see this as more of a reality than I already do?


Hello, and welcome!!

I wonder if you might be able to contact your local newspaper, and let them know you are interested in taking photos/writing. Even if they are not can send them stuff, and they'll often print it!! Especially if you are covering a local event....or an upcoming event. I've done this myself (it was a small town paper)...even so much as to have a monthly (gardening) column of my own!!! ....Now, truth be told, I never got any money for it...but I did enjoy it very much! I didn't persue it....but I wonder if that would get your foot in the door?? If they see your talent....they just might hire you??? Don't know....worth a shot!!!

Good luck!!!
Hi Christine - Art has some good advice there - you definitely need to get your work out there for people to see what your capable of. Have you put a portfolio together to show possible clients ? have you got your own site on the web ?- these could be some other things to consider.

best of luck with it !

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