How to photograph a bike?


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Nov 16, 2007
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We have started manufacture of a bike and would like to photograph it for purposes of showing to retailers and salespeople. We aren't ready to hire a professional photographer ($$$) and would like to quickly produce some good looking photos.
I have found that I can rent equipment locally.
Could anyone advise me as to what to rent camera wise and background and any other equipment to produce a good photo say on a white background?
We have good editing software but I'd like the photograph to be as good as possible to minimize editing...
Don't be rude. I supplied the site from where I intend to rent the equipment. I estimate it'll cost less than 500$ for the day. We have quotes to photograph the bikes starting at 3000$.
May be worth it to contact a local college with photography courses and ask for a student reccomendation and pay a student a smaller amount. You would get a better photo by virtue of an educated photographer, you would help out a student and you wouldn't waste your money if you do it yourself and don't get a useable shot. Also shop around there is always a photographer just starting who is looking for fill in work.

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