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Discussion in 'Graphics Programs and Photo Gallery' started by MDowdey, Apr 8, 2005.

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    Go about taking a picture, and taking a part of it out and replacing it with another layer. its kinda hard to explain, but i want to replace the clouds of one picture with another cloud shot. i know i need two layers, but i cant get the main subject to remain in front and the clouds to be behind...

    helP! thanks!!


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    MD, load both images into PS workspace. target the image with the sky to be transferred.

    Select the sky with the magic wand or another selection means of your choice.
    With the sky selected, click Edit>Copy.
    Now, make the other image the target and select its sky.
    Click Edit>Paste Into.
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    You can also put the two layers and after doing what canon said put the fore ground above the sky... if it doesnt work it probably means that your original layer is set to background, just double click on that layer and name it to what ever you want then it enables you to move the layer
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    I am assuming from the post that you are trying to just change the clouds and not the whole Sky. If this is the case, a method I have used in the past. Load both pics into the work space with the original copy on top, reduce its opacity so you can see the pic underneath, move it around so you get the clouds you want in the correct position, then use the erazer tool to paint them through. I use this method on many different Types of pics.Hope it helps. Ernie
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    Paste the new clouds image on top, add layer mask, and mask it off until it looks good and blends in. You might need to do some cloning, and if so, be sure and check "use all layers".

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