How would my 28-70 2.8L perform on a 5D?


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Feb 11, 2006
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I'm about to move from my 20D to a 5D and one of my concerns is if my actual and only one lens, a 28-70 f2.8L, is good enough for the full frame: I switch mainly to take advantage of the full frame and I don't want to find myself disappointed discovering that my lens is not good enough for the new camera: anyone has first hand impressions on this topic?

thanks in advance
if the 28-70L isn't good enough for your new 5d, I'm not sure what lens in that range would be.
You will notice that 28mm is truly 28mm with the 5D but I would consider that a plus. I agree with John here - You have a top of the line lens.
Well, your problem will certainly not be that the lens won't be good enough for the camera. I suppose it would depend quite a bit on what you intend to take pictures of.
That's a stellar lens with a great camera. Go hug your equipment.

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