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Nov 7, 2010
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Minnapolis, MN
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I took this photo and I'm kinda curious to see what somebody else might do to it. I retouched it with my skill-set (which is nothing amazing) just the basics. So here is the untouched file if anyone is bored or wants to show off or something. (It's an 80mb tiff so be prepared.) If I get any takers I'll post my version and see what you think. Thanks in advance if anyone wants to take a stab at it!!

Disclaimer: I'm sure there's some flaws from a photography/lighting standpoint but I'm just focusing on the post work for this.
Why are you not posting it directly here?

I've never seen you here before, so maybe this has worked for you in the past and I don't know it, but I don't know very many people that are just gonna up and go to that link and download some random file.
I wouldn't retouch it. I would reshoot it with softer light! Those cheeks... a bit hot!

Image (not edited - just converted to .JPG - posted to assist others in knowing what the OP has out there... and yes, I tested it before opening...) OP.. let me know if you want me to delete

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I agree with e.rose, A download zip to view.No thanks.
Sorry folks! Didn't mean for it to sound shady. I wanted to upload a non compressed file if someone wanted to take a run at it thats all. I figured there wouldn't be enough latitude in a jpeg if someone really wanted to try it.

I agree on the hot cheeks, I will watch for that next time.

I didn't do a lot but here it is. Some dodge/burn on the face in some spots, eye work and obviously sharpening. I'm going for that sharp/contrasty look. Thanks for the input so far and for any more.
$Portrait Retouch_01.jpg

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