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Aug 11, 2010
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Hey everyone, just signed up yesterday. I was born and raised in Arizona, am working on moving to Colorado soon. I graduated from the UA in Animal Sciences earlier this year. I have been doing photography for about 3 or 4 years now. I started off doing photography for Rillito Park, the horse racetrack, and was their first female photographer. I also did some photography for TVG. The rest is all freelancing.

I use a Nikon D90. The lense I have is an 18-105mm, but I've been meaning to save up and get a 70-300mm, especially since I want to go more in the direction of wildlife photography, especially since I'm moving to a town right at the base of the rockies.
I just joined the site as well. I see we have very similar interests so your post caught my eye. I am in Texas but moved from Virginia years ago and am totally a horse nuts and well now photography as well. look foward to chatting with ya. once again welcome.
Where in Colorado? I'm from Boulder! I miss Colorado!!!
I'm stuck in Houston Texas and we don't have any mountains, hills or anything here..
Just heat and humidity!!!
Welcome to Colorado, in advance!!!
I am moving to Fort Collins, I got a lead on a horse wrangling position up in Roosevelt National Forrest, if I don't get that then I'm just going to settle for a vet-tech position near the University.
Welcome to the forum... I'm interested in seeing some of your work. I have a friend who is a horse jock in California. I have been to the track early in the morning and remember how impressed I was seeing the steam coming off the horses after they ran. I'm sure you have some great photo's and I'd love to see some. I do primarily wedding photography and always looking for the chance to admire different types of work.


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