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    7. Verf., HUMAN war BODY terror AFTER aggression

    Verf. uses his pocket camera as a photographic scrapbook of his life and thoughts. This is not Art photography, in fact, despite of the photographic surface, this isn't photography. It's the need to survive and to capture life and thoughts before they explode. Verf. hasn't the time to make compositions or to think about techniques, the subjects are passing by at the speed that he hardly can capture them. His photographic production is huge. That makes it impossible to judge them. While judging them you are judging life...

    In "HUMAN war BODY terror AFTER aggression" Verf. has stopped the time to express his ideas about the terror and aggression in war and daily life. He feels this aggression and terror himself and visualized it by reproducing medical illustrations. The scientific illustration becomes a scarving feeling of what is happening...


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