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Jun 27, 2005
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On another forum I'm on, graphic not photography, a fella has been posting pictures. He seems not to like my critique.

"von are you completely blind?? coz the background is blured to bring out the flower and the focus point is the flower suprisingly, , but the reason for me re submitting is because i made a spelling mistake on 3 of them DOH"
"keep getting comments from youu and von saying i dont have a focal pount what you mean, the flower is right there thats the focal point. Also the white pettels have a shadow on the outside so how it blinds you i dont know, im beggining to think you enjoy criticising other peoples work von."

I responded with

Well if you don't want critique don't post. I was only saying what I thought about them. If you don't like criticism good luck learning about photography, that’s part of it. And what you called blur is bokeh. I'll post your pictures and comments on the photography forum I go to and show you what others think outside of me and molnies."

And that is why I'm here. His picture is located here (
And here is the thread... (

Fell free to respond.
I will transfer any post to the other thread. I was a bit offended and the personal jabs at me. :(
what did you say about the picture?

I think the picture is pretty sweet. Could be cropped a bit better. Having it right in the middle like that is kinda weird.
Don't let him get to you. Some people just can't take critique, even though they say that's what they want.
I had to look at the pic for a long time and I read the posts. I actually see what both sides are talking about and see where his confusion might be. It's a really pretty pic, although yes the background is blurred to make the flower stand out, however either the shadow or lighting it's not AS sharp as it could be. Maybe a bit more definition to the peddles may help it stand out even more. Although that's my opinion, you really can't put a grade on art or what someone else may think is good. but over all I think it's a nice pic.
its difficult because from his point of view maybe the 'other' member started out a bit strong, and to a noob that can be intimidating........ however i did think the petals were blown and the focus wasn't sharp enough, so he should have taken the advice on board without the personal insult of 'are you blind'..... neither the person giving the crit or the poster should resort to such puerile language.
Yeah I'm not going to worry with him. He obviously doesn't know anything about photography other than using full auto.

"Im completely fine with taking critisism but when someone posts completely lame things its annoying for example the pettles arnt bright in the slightests, and about 10 of your 20 posts have been slagging my photos off, if you were to point out how i could improve or even one good thing about my photos then fair enough but at the minute im getting comments that mean nothing to me. Also what you mean you post my photos and comments on the photo section???"

"Well I said you might have used to large of an aperture and it was a little overexposed. Therefore stating what I would have done differently.

If my comments mean nothing to you than do some research, read some books. Nothing bugs me more than someone that wants critique but doesn't know anything about the camera itself."

"yeah yeah yeah, what ever it buggs me on how many people there on forums thinking they no everythin about anything. Oh i can take critisism just not ridiculous critisism"

I think it's kind of funny now how he gets so mad when all I said was it seemed out of focus and overexposed.
Actually his latest kind of makes me mad...

"i know that mate, but come on hes posting stupid things like i know its basic and not amazing but he said it hurts his eyes when there not bright at all and the focal point is obviosuly the plant scene as its the only thing in the photo. Im sorry for being moody ect and im probably got warning after warning but its annoying, i mean if reveal or molnies were to post there veiws and opinions i would know they would help me and improve my next photo but not saying ridiculous things that arnt right."

"lol, riiiiiiiight, but fair enough, im in a bit of a bad mood myself and i cant be bothered to put up with rubbish critisism"
Something that people oftentimes forget is that I probably don't have the same monitor as you and chances are really good that I don't have the same taste as you. If it were me, I would just not offer to critique his work anymore and it won't be long until he starts looking for it and eating those words. Don't let it get to you.
I ignore people with extremely bad spelling...pettles, beggining, buggs, what ever...especially when they refuse to use verbs "how many people there on forums thinking they no everythin about anything"

There's nothing really special about his's ok, but I and most other people have taken shots just like that...I don't really understand the title of it either.
It's a picture of a flower.... move along now please... nothing to see here. :)

"Advice is seldom welcome, and those who need it the most like it the least"

First off, he's 15, so don't expect him to take a critique well, and secondly, I think he does have a point that you don't offer him any ways to make it better, rather only telling him what's wrong.

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