I am going bonkers trying to decide if I want to sell my Nikkor 70-200 vr!


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Dec 30, 2011
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So I am going bonkers trying to decide of I want to sell my Nikkor 70-200 vr and get the 24-70 in it's place. I've had the 70-200 for a while now and it's kind of just sitting in my camera bag. I hate to get rid of it and then regret it, but I think I may get more use out of a 24-70. UGH! I'm dazed and :confused:!!! Can somebody help me make sense of this madness?? I own a d700, 50 1.4g, the 70-200 that has me so confused and I am getting ready to pick up a Tamron 90mm macro. Darn you photography, why must you leave me so emotional :(
You want BOTH lenses
Exactly. Don't sell it--you'll regret it. I own neither and I want both!
only if you plan on replacing it with a 70-200vrII....they're not getting cheaper anytime soon eh?
Well yes, BUT OUCH, that would hurt my wallet and my feelings...for a little while :) I'm torn :/
If this were shoes, what would you do???? Would you sell all those other pairs just to get a single new pair? Many people would LOVE to own a 70-200 VR. Its resale value right now is probably as high as it ever will be. The only better replacement is the new VR-II model...
It's sounding like I should just hold onto it. I love Nikkor glass, but what 3rd party lens would be comparable (semi-close) to the Nikkor 24-70 that wouldn't leave me completely...broke? Suggestions?
If I had a Nikon 70-200 i'd have it for life.. (or if I upgraded to version II)

Do you have a dx or fx body? Personally I think minimum 24mm is still not as useful as a 17-55 (or similar) on a dx.
Well I have been collecting guitars for longer than camera gear. My rule with them is to never sell or trade ones I have. That '65 Strat I sold is never, ever coming back. It s different because there can be significant appreciation in the value of the vintage guitars. I would apply the same rules to my camera gear. Once I have a lens it kind of costed out already and it would be more expensive to replace later.
I have a skateboard that I bought in 1986 brand new for around $100. Today, it's a collectors item that's worth well over $1,000. I've contemplated selling it because I don't skate much anymore and buying the 24-70mm 2.8. Somehow, I can't bring myself to ever selling it though. It's part of what I have left of my youth and I can't give that up.

Same thing with that lens.
I have the same issue with my cello. I don't really play it anymore and I klnow I can get a few hundred bucks for it but I can't bring myself to get rid of something I've had since I was in 6th grade.

KEEP THE 70-200!!! You know I used a Tamron 28-75 2.8 and LOVED it when I second shot a wedding for a friend (she is Nikon all the way and used her equipment and cards). And it is much easier on the wallet
I agree with others as well. DO NOT sell your 70-200. I am exactly the opposite. I have had 24-70 for a while now on my D700 and always regretted I did not get 70-200 when the price was low. On the other hand, if you hardly use it, it would make sense to trade it for a 24-70.
Don't sell it. Just box it up and send it to me.
Don't ever sell quality glass.... just collect more. It's a move you won't regret.
Yes, you want to sell it ...to me for a really good price :)

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