I am so sick I could cry! %MAD**


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Mar 14, 2006
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My baby has stopped working. Yesterday, I went to take some photos, and when I turned my camera on, it made some clicking noises, then the shutter would not fire. I immediately got on the phone and called Konica-Minolta. The customer service lady, was very calm, and calmed me down. I am sending it in for repair tomorrow. And it should only take about 2 weeks to get it back. The only good thing about this since I am still under warranty, after they fix it, they tack 6 more months onto my warranty.

Keep your fingers crossed that I will have my baby back in 2 weeks.
It is nice to hear good things. I had sold off all my slrs when i retired. I went totally retro and slrs were just a little to new. I got a wild hair just before christmas and bought a minolta 700 and just about every size dedicated lens I could find at the time in ebay. I can put together 1800 mm of lenses though I have no idea what I would shoot with it.

I went as far back with the slr as I felt comfortable. Even so it is one of the very few cameras I own that needs a battery even though it is a small one.

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