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Jul 20, 2005
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Garden State
A whole forum dedicated to just this one little thing, but when suggested in previous threads to have one specifically for film and one for digital it was declined. I can't believe it! What's next.
Hi Dave, I moved your post over to the feedback area as it seemed to fit best here. There have actually been recent discussions about re-doing the layout of the forum and I know that having a more dedicated area to film photography was included in the design ideas. We hope to roll this out soon, but changing the forum structure takes time and a lot of planning so it won't be immediate. Please know that we value input on how the forum can better serve the users and just because an idea doesn't get implemented right away doesn't mean it won't happen later on!
Alison did a great job of addressing your question and I wanted to drop by and lend my comments on this as well. As she said, we are looking into dedicating more space and resources specifically for film as well as creating a more digital-specific segment. We would like to appeal to both sides as equally as possible and the new format ideas we are discussing will hopefully help to serve that purpose.

Thanks for the feedback and we hope to start making these changes over the next couple of weeks.

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