I *did* it!!!


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Aug 16, 2007
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I am Canadian, eh.
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Yay me!!! LOL!! I did the craft show (that I mentioned a while back--thank you again to everyone who gave me all those great tips!!) yesterday.

Well......I shared a table with someone else, who sold jewelry, so I had about 4 feet to myself. I sold 3 5x7s with mats, 2 4x6s with mats, and 2 prints on thier own!!!

OK....I don't have to quit my day job (yet!! LOL!!), but WOW...someone paid me for my pics!!!!!!!!!!!! (It really gave me a boost in confidence!!!)

congrats :) but use a larger font so I don't have to break my eyes ;)
I'm very proud of you. Selling your work at a show for the first time is a memory that will last forever. :) Congratulations! *doing the happy dance with you*
Artograph, that's fantastic news! I can imagine the grin on your face with your first sale! Thanks for letting us know how it went. :D

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