I didn't take this pic, but....

in 4 months it will be. My wife is holding on to it for now.
oh wow!!!! ... thats great!!! ... congrats :) .... hopefully we'll be joining the club soon :wink:
Awe its a baby
i'm only 18 so i dont want kids for another 5 yeras but Congratulations on yours!
oh wow
thats wonderful shane

shes looking far prettier than your avatar, thats for sure!
Have to agree with that :) Hasn't got your ears anyway:)

She could have at least smiled at the camera for you.

Congrats to both of you. Fingers crossed you will still find time to get out and take pictures.
Okay Shane, there's one rule before you can post newborn shots:

Please FULLY INFLATE the baby before taking pics. If I wanna see wrinkles I can look at my own pic.

Ya know? :wink:

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