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Aug 5, 2013
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Hi from Brazil!

I like street photography, but last time I went to my city's downtown to take some photos, a man stopped me and said that a drugged guy had just stabbed a woman with a camera, and that's how my sad story ends. Actually, it ends with me taking photos of everywhere I go to but my hometown. Anyway, hi to you! :greenpbl: (this is a nice smiley)

This is where I post my photos: ciuffi.dunked.com ~~~and feedbacks are always nice, heh~~~
But I guess I should post it in another thread if I want criticisms (this is just my introduction, after all) so that's what I'm going to do as soon as I post this one.

I never do an intro, I just jump in. I treat all forums as one big family. Thanks for th pix. Keep blasting away. Looks like a lot of diversity in Brazil.

I love hyper real hdr street work.

Here is 'The Twin Fisted Eater'

Daniel Teoli Jr - Current Work: Photo
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Welcome to TPF, Beenha! You have introduced yourself just fine. :) We're happy to have you join us!

Please check out our Gallery section for posting your work - lots of categories to choose from, and you are correct that this is the best way to get feedback and critique on your images.

So keep posting, and enjoy the forum!
Hello and welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the site.

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