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I Dont Think They Liked Me There... (w/ story)


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Apr 6, 2006
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The Mighty Midwest
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Theres a story with this pic...

After work yesterday I headed out to take some pics. I was originally going to stop at a park, but needed to stop at a bank, so I drove to one that I knew was nearby. I found a cemetery across the street, and decided that since I had a splitting headache that it might help if I just went and took a walk, snapped some pictures, and got some fresh air before I went home.


I took this pic and a couple others, but was having problems with my HP. I would turn it on, then look through the small viewfinder, and it would appear as if I were zoomed in really close. When I hit the zoomout it didnt do anything, and when I turned the camera around, the lens wasnt even open, even though the green "on" light was on. Odd, but sometimes my camera acts kind of funky, especially when its running out of battery, so I assumed that was it.

I went to go back to my car to drive around a bit more and my remote key lock wouldnt work. (*grumble*). So, I unlocked it manually, and tried to start the car. It wouldnt start. No grinding, no noise, nothing. I tried the dome light. Nothing. The clock had reset itself at 1:00, and I couldnt even turn the accessories on. The battery was dead.

I called my husband at work, but it was after closing time so they didnt pick up the phone at the bank. I finally got a hold of my sister to come try to jump the car. My sister -- who is neither a photographer nor very sentimental -- thought I was crazy simply because I was in a cemetery. :p

We jump the car, and she drives with me back to my place. This morning the car starts fine. My husband and I drive it to the auto parts place, where they test the battery. It is fine. I tried starting it a couple more times (in case it was a wire connection or something)... it starts fine every time. We're going to take it down to my dad's so he can look at it tonight, but as of right now, no one can find ANY reason why it should have died yesterday. And my camera has been working fine again, too... there was nothing wrong with its battery either... I've shot much more since then and it still hasnt died.

I'm not superstitious or anything, but let's just say I will not be going back to that cemetery anytime soon... I dont think they liked me there.

Now that's just weird. I don't even like going to cemetaries to bury people. No way you would catch me out there ALONE with nothing to defend me but my camera.:lol: Good job at staying calm though!:thumbup:
freaky wendy,....... real strange..... maybe dont go back to that one again :lol: ...... i happen to find my cemeteries very relaxing and not scary at all.... but this time of year our cems are full of wild flowers and arn't very intimidating..... but i dont like the sound of your one :mrgreen: good story tho and nice pics :thumbup:
Eerie story, hun. Some places are like that though, I've had similar (And stranger yet) things happen to me. I'm a member of a local Ghost Hunter's Society while we're on the subject, and this sort of "draining" or inefficiency of anything dependant on electric/battery power is pretty common. I think you were in a pretty active place m'friend. But of course, that depends on your way of thinking. Just my beliefs ^^

Good pictures, on the other hand. The black & White on the first one is very flattering to it. Nice work! (^:
Wow...what a creepycool story. Love it. Wonder if there is some history behind the cemetery, that maybe somebody else has experienced there.
What a story! That gave me chills actually. But you know, when I was at the two cemetaries I went to Saturday..I had kind of an adverse reaction. I don't know how to explain it, but I got kind of this calming feeling over me. I have always been kind of, how do you say it, i guess scared of cemetaries lol, but Saturday it was weird...I had my two sons with me and I kept feeling a slight breeze accross my arms and only my arms. I thought nothing about it until we got to the second cemetary and I felt it again. Mind you, I am not really a believer in ghosts, etc, but I could not help but feel as if something or someone was with us.
Stopping in for a quick update. My dad (who is a car-god) checked over the battery, alternator, and the rest of the car, and he couldnt find any reason why it would have died.
So far I havent found (on the internet) any other eerie happenings there, though.

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