I expect Sidewalk Pics from you all


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May 25, 2003
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Ive advertised this project in the personal sites forum but now Im more familiar with you all Im gonna start annoying ya all till I get one.

Its been lots of fun so far and Im getting new submissions every day. SOme of them are really cool.
Why sidewalks and footpaths? Cause Im odd and like writing and scribbles in weird places.
Even if they don't have things written on them, I'd still love you all to take us a pic of a sidewalk or footpath in your neighbourhood. They've come in from all over the world so far which has been great.

If you want to participate and can't figure out how to enter it into the guestbook you can email me your submission.
I'd really love to have Photo Forum people in the project because this now feels like my Photography Home :)

Go here if you want to join in SidewalkProject

Happy Snapping Kids!
Manda, I took, developed, and printed two of em for ya today! (and there's one more I didn't get to yet.) Now I just gotta figure out how/where to scan em...
that sounds very interesting ... sidewalks sounds like something my hubby and i would do :lol: ....

*note to self- sidewalk and water shots
Here are my two sidewalk pics that I am submitting for Manda's site...

This was a chalk drawing that I found. I liked how the shadow of the stop sign seemed to be imitating the roundness and pointing of the arrow.

This is an example of an old ring that can be found on old sidewalks here in Portland. They are left over from the days of horses, when people needed something to tie them up to. At least that's what I've been told. :)


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