I finally got a lens on a body....

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    I finally went and put my FL 135mm on to my EF body and I'm having a blast with it.:boogie: The pictures out of prolly are not going to be as sharp as they could because I did not clean the rear element but that is of little concern at the moment I can clean that out later.

    When I bought it I took it out and went to shoot it on my AE-1, when I did so it went cli... I had to remove the lens to close the shutter. The aperture pin jammed against the body and as a result the shutter stuck open and the mirror up. Not wanting to damage the mirror box or aperture mechanics on the EF I opted to use it on the bellows only.

    The other day out of curiosity I went ahead and mounted it onto the TLb and low and behold it worked fine so I got bold and put it on the EF and again it worked fine. Apparently the AE-1 just does not have the linkage clearance of the other two bodies. :-|, But any who, I'm going to take this badboy apart and lube up the focusing ring and then I'ma gonna use it till it falls apart. Then I'll put it back together and use it some more :biggrin:

    I've been sorely underusing this lens for over e year now, It's time to over use it.

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