I got on a billboard!


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Jun 4, 2010
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Wisconsin, United States
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Well, not me personally, but my photos did! I was commissioned to take some recruitment photos, and they went up on a billboard today. It's kinda cool seeing my photos along a major highway! The billboard company created the finished product in terms of layout and overall design. I snapped this photo at the unveiling, which was also a press event.

Whoohooo! Very cool!
Chiming in with - Cool! :)
Nice call on getting the cloud to background the billboard!

They look like some very good portraits!
HEY! Cool beans man! Looks GOOD! That's a really good billboard image!

Ya' done good!
Congratulations, you earned it with this one ... that is one fine promotional image for a PD ... I know you said it was a snap, but clearly you thought this out ... smiles that are approachable but not too smiley, models are squared away & professional. I like the folded arm pose for assertion and professionalism, and for an employment promotion, you nailed it for diversity & gender equality as well.

Very well done IMHO.

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