I hate, I love!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by MDowdey, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. MDowdey

    MDowdey Guest

    I hate procrastinators
    I hate women who wont speak to me cause I dont make enough money.
    I hate it when people say guns kill people,...come on guys...PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.

    I love it when women smell good. Especially my grandmother...ah chanel 5.
    I love to sit down in the shower.
    i love all girls...big and small, tall and short, and all the colors of the rainbow...you are the defining element in this world, without you men would be nothing. sorry guys, its true.

    What do you guys love and hate?
    just checkin


  2. Dew

    Dew TPF Noob!

    Jun 27, 2003
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    i hate obnoxious people, i hate stupid people :lol: and i hate people who beat around the bush
  3. voodoocat

    voodoocat ))<>(( Supporting Member

    May 15, 2003
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    Gilbert, AZ
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    Ever seen bowling for columbine? Great movie that deals with this issue.

    oh and i hate holier than thou attitudes.
  4. nukie

    nukie TPF Noob!

    Jul 9, 2003
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    Sydney, Australia
    I'll keep this brief. In online matters...

    I love people that offer opinions and genuine feedback

    I hate people that reply with only :) or :(. It conveys nothing people!
  5. carlita

    carlita TPF Noob!

    Sep 13, 2003
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    i hate helplessness and distance.
    i hate newspapers all over my living room floor.
    i hate biting down on a hard thing in the middle of a really good meal because it ruins my appetite.
    i hate being talked down to.
    i hate it when someone drops ice on the floor in the kitchen and doesn't pick it up so that when i come along in my nice, fresh socks i step in a big wet spot.
    i hate that i don't enjoy reading more than i do.
    i hate it when i work my ass off and no one acknowledges it.

    i love stevie wonder, sam cooke and billie holiday in that order.
    i love fried zucchini, scallops with crab stuffing and grits.
    i love the smell in the air when people are barbecuing nearby and also the smell of gasoline.
    i love the sound of train whistles from miles away.
    i love that i ultimately get to decide what i do and where i go.
    i love to be a little left of center.
    i love how i surprise myself sometimes.
    i love orangutans. :):)
    i love the smell of the powder my mom wears on her face and my dad's aftershave.
    i love that i can have thoughts that no one will ever know about... unless i want them to.
  6. MDowdey

    MDowdey Guest

    I hate my anger.
    I hate the fact that to get anywhere, you have to kiss lot of ass.
    I hate that in order to live the american dream, you have to strike the oil tycoon's fortune.
    I hate it when people want to say something but never do until its too late.
    I hate guys who go clubbing in wife beater tank tops with their freshly cut marine hair-do's.

    I love my anger.
    I love Carlita's picture.
    I love large glasses of warm kool aid.
    I love getting haircuts.
    I love toast and jelly, the way my father used to make it.
    I too love the fact that their are certain unerasable memories that I will always keep to myself, because to tell them would lessen them.


    p.s. Thanks guys and girls, For some reason this helps me
  7. oriecat

    oriecat work in progress

    Jul 7, 2003
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    Portland OR USA
    I hate people who try to push their beliefs on everyone else
    I hate religion and war and especially religious war
    I hate Pepsi
    I hate being so unmotivated so often
    I hate feeling that my relationship is disintegrating and I hate not knowing what to do about it

    I love sleep
    I love being in love
    I love helping people
    I love my cat
    I love the sound of the ocean
    I love my enlarger that finally came today. :D
  8. luckydog

    luckydog TPF Noob!

    Jun 21, 2003
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    I hate Mushrooms
    I hate being stuffed around by idiots who unfortunately happen to outrank me at work.

    I love meeting new people
    I love the outdoors
    I love pina coladas and getting caught in the rain :)

    And of course i luv all of you great photoforum folks! (but i'm not that way inclined guys so don't PM me okay).
  9. Not Neve

    Not Neve TPF Noob!

    Aug 22, 2003
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    I hate talking about work.
    I hate being called office "manager";that's not my title and it makes me crazy!
    I hate being single. I do it because I haven't found the right person and won't settle for just anyone but I hate it!
    I hate peas.

    I love when someone that really knows me challenges me. I love that they feel comfortable challenging me and I love the challenge.
    i love Carlita's picture...it makes me giggle even though I don't even know her!
    MD, I love that there are people in the world (like you) that are so open minded to all sizes, shapes and colors! (why do they call you Trish?)
  10. Geronimo

    Geronimo No longer a newbie, moving up!

    Jun 8, 2003
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    Next to the point of no return.
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    I hate two face people. Espically at work. :x
    I hate indecision. Make a choice and stand by it or get out of my way and let me make a choice.
    I hate cats. ok not hate but really dislike. they are the root of evil.
    I hate ass kissers. or even brown ring necks.
    I hate stupidity.

    I love a good home cooked meal
    I love being a goof
    I love a great love, like a good one
    I love baseball
    I love my Texas blood
    I love my Native heritage.
    i love challenges
  11. manda

    manda instigator of pottymouthedness

    May 25, 2003
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    I don't like people whom are 2 faced.
    I don't like the way the world is changing.
    I don't like parmesan cheese.
    I don't like people who think that they are important enough to interrupt a conversation without even saying excuse me. I dislike the other person who allows them to interrupt even more.
    I hate that my grandparents lives are not what they were because of one man.
    I hate that I'm not one of those people that laughs all the time.
    I hate that I am not in full control of my life because I worry too much about how others are affected.
    I hate the way the media has been allowed to ruin girls' lives.

    :heart: :love: :heart:
    I love listening to giggles that turn into a cackle and then a huge belly laugh.
    I love the bell that sounds before a theatre production.
    I love french manicured nails.
    I love the way boys act all manly and macho around others, but when they are with you and they go into that innocent, almost vulnerable state..makes me melt.
    I love driving along the highway with the stereo blaring, singing my lungs out to a good song.
    I love the smell of coconut.
    I love having a big, nutty family with kids everywhere and adults who **** stir constantly.
    I love wearing my pyjama pants around the house.
    I love laying in cool grass, looking at the stars.
    I love having my neck kissed.
    I love the way Bono from U2 has made me change my way of thinking about the world.
    I :heart: Darcy the Superpooch
    I love having poetry read to me.
    I love that I am educated.
    I love Christmas.
    I love the noise of the shutter button on my EOS
    I love my boots.
  12. Not Neve

    Not Neve TPF Noob!

    Aug 22, 2003
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    I :heart: my clove orange angelica candles!
    I love nice writing pens!

    I can't believe I forgot those 2 when I posted last night.

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