I have a new best friend


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May 11, 2005
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Houston, TX
And his name is Oliver :D



He's not quite housebroken yet, but we're already making amazing progress on his training. He's mostly Australian Sheepdog, and we adopted him from the SPCA today. He's a smart and scared dog, we think he was abused at his former household, and he's terrified of a lot of things. We'll make sure to fix that! :D :D

You've never met a kinder and quieter dog though :)
Joe, he's adorable! And he does look happy, has one of those smiling faces in that top picture. :heart:

I'm so happy you were able to adopt him. Sounds like you already know what to do to make him feel safer: lots of love and attention, toys, walks.....he'll come around.

Odin was almost 2 years old when I adopted him....he was pretty scared and confused at first. Now he thinks he rules the roost (the cat actually does). :lol:

Animals need people like you! :hugs: Have fun with him!
Congratulations on your newest addition :) He looks like a great dog!
Good on ya.... damaged dogs need good homes :thumbup:
Awww... What a cutie! Congrats on getting it and may you enjoy his company for many, many years to come.
awwwwwwwwwwwww such a cutie :D
enjoy your new found company :) :cheer:
We just got back from the park :)
I just can't believe how fast he's learning. When we first picked him up, he wasn't leash trained, command trained, or housebroken. He's perfect on a leash now, already knows 'come', and we're making great progress on the don't pee in the apartment thing. :D

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