I have returned from the Black Mountains!


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Jan 8, 2006
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England - Worcestershire
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Hey all, just thought i would let you know im back.... thats if you missed me :D

Spent 4 days hiking my ass off in the Black Mountains in Wales for a D of E expedition. The Weather was... lets say extreme... it rained almost all the time, and when it wasnt raining... it was hailing :D Not fun for putting up a tent. Oh yeah, you know you can rig lighters to make a huge flame.. if whislt doing that the fluid leaks on you.. i suggest NOT trying to light it... my friend did and his hand went up in a fireball.. funny! Lucky he didnt get burnt as the flames just got the fluid on his hand :)

Well anyway, im back and will be posting again soon :D

Ps. I didnt take my camera on this trip... mostly for the reasons above :D

yea unlucky with the weather, welcome back :thumbup:
I drove through there last Saturday - it was flippin miserable weather, I didn't take many pics either - I did get a big stone hit the windscreen and put a nice big crack in it though, which was nice.

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