i just had the a77 in my hands


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Oct 2, 2011
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i was just looking at the new a77,, i was very suprised at the size of it. i was thinking it was the size of the a 55. i think a new camera is in order for moi.
I hope you washed your hands real good with disinfectant soap afterwards ;)
I hope you washed your hands real good with disinfectant soap afterwards ;)

I really do not think comments like that are appropriate, and only end up degrading the overall quality of this forum.
It's called "humor." Lighten up a little. There was even a little winky-face next to it! :lol:

So, anyway: What kind of camera do you have NOW, kojack?

My reaction to humour in this forum has been tainted over time. Sometimes I find the banter a little juvenile ... and so I reacted that way to the reply.
If the reply was posted in a humorous nature to compliment the thread and not to slam the poster ... then I apologize for my reaction.
Kojack, between the A55 (your current camera...?) and the A77, what were the major differences you noticed in body design right off the bat?
I have the 350 with battery grip now. I love the feel of that camera. The 77 feels very balanced and similar to the 350. I also picked up a wx7 for walk around duties. What a fun little camera ..
For the record I actually like Sony but shoot canon. Ive been reading all the canon hate in this forum and it's been getting to me. So I took a light hearted stab. No offense
And I did post a winky face. The a77 isn't my style but I see a Sony camera in my near future as there's some old minoltas for good prices id like to run
dxqcanada said:
Sorry about that.
Normally I do not make comments like that ... but I am really tired of seeing this type of banter.

My apologies for offending you. It was meant to be light hearted. Hence the wink

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