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Nov 8, 2004
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Where am I now?
The events flag at the bottom of the main index page announces the Washington DC meet-up.
I forgot you Americans put your calendar back to front (month then day) so I read it as the UK calendar system:
4th July 2006 to 4th October 2006!

That's some meet-up. :lol:
Well it says 04-06-2006 to 04-09-2006 and since YOU read it BACKWARDS over there in the UK..wouldn't that make it June 4th to September 4th, not July 4th to October 4th? Or is there a month that you do not share the same as we do in the United States?
I gotta say, it makes a lot more sense the European way. Increment from left to right, not middle out. But then I'm a geek. I also hate certain punctuation rules. "This isn't right", Billy said.
The comma isn't part of the darn quote, so it's shouldn't be in the quotes. Dang it. But I'm a programmer.
Britain drives on the correct side of the road. The reason France drives on the other side is because England drives on this side!

Dunno about other countries.

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