I like prints but not my own images printed


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Jun 8, 2010
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I love seeing well done prints of just about anything but for some reason I don't like seeing my own work printed. I think its because I see the flaws (in my mind at least) in my images but not others. Anyone else feel this way?
No, I have many of my own photos hanging on the walls of our home and a plastic holder (for postcards originally) that hangs on the back of our front door is full of 10x15 prints which are mostly mine. It isn't that I don't see the flaws, I do, but they don't trouble me. For me, this is something that art and photography have in common: there is no place for perfection.
I'm very picky about which of my own images I have printed, but I shoot a LOT, and have quite a few printed.
I love seeing my (selected) work printed, whether it's for a client, in calendars distributed by businesses and area tourism promoters, on book covers, or hanging all over the walls of my home and studio. And the larger, the better. I'm quite proud of the work that makes it to that stage.
I set up an entire dark room and made a few prints but I was un happy with them. Probably just need to re-learn all the tricks but I may end up selling all the gear shortly.
We print very few considering how many we take. There are 5 or 6 hanging now; a couple of canvas prints, a metal print, and 2 or 3 on rock.
I have done a poster size print of a hawk that is somewhere behind something in my sons room.
Need to do something equally as large to see if it's worthy for the living room.
I like having images printed. I don't do it myself anymore because I decided the trouble and expense of maintaining a printer was not worthwhile, so I have a local custom printer do some for me occasionally. Fortunately, I have enough experience with printing and the guy I use is very good, so I'm never surprised by the way the prints come out.
I print my own stuff. I have an Epson 3880 and I really enjoy printing my better pieces.
I find that many photos really shine when printed larger on good quality paper.
I also find that the cost of running the 3880 is pretty reasonable.

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