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    Oct 4, 2003
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    Just got back from a week in Victoria, and we spent a happy day browsing bike and camera shops in Melbourne. I think I've found my next bike... 8)

    In one shop I managed to score a 400mm telephoto lens to fit my dear old Praktica - for the grand sum of $AUD50! He even managed to find me two lens caps to fit for nothing... love it! It's huuuuge... :shock:

    We managed to spend a very pleasant couple of afternoons at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens, which was just a short walk from our motel, taking pix of the birds and flowers there. For any Melb folk, that place is a treasure. I was also trying out the new Kodak HD film, so I suppose when the pix are developed I can see how well it works.

    Topping that off - we spent the next 4 days as volunteer medics for the Australian round of MotoGP at Phillip Island. Standing there roasting on Saturday and one of the senior officials turned up with a surprise - a flash unit, extension for the shutter release and a loaner 70-210mm zoom. Same donor had also sent me a 50mm lens and a set of extension tubes. Gotta love those online buddies. :love:

    This has greatly expanded my kit... so now I have to seriously look at a decent camera bag. D'oh! But it also means I have had a heap of fun experimenting with the new gear - pity the on-track time at PI meant I didn't get a chance to take as many fast-bike pix as I wanted. Still, there's always the next rally, charity ride and next year's Superbike round!

    Cheers all


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