I love kids in dress up clothes! Poster Edges??


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Mar 7, 2007
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I have this images and was wanting to do something more creative with it. Heard about people using poster edges, so I tried it. Did not like the black specks that it left on her skin so I erased the skin areas and the background. I know it is personal preference but is this to much? The hair??

Feel free to mess around with the image, just let me know what you did!



I'm lovin' the original, it's so soft and babyish, but the poster is just really hard and fake looking, you know? The original is lovely though!
I don't get why you want to change it either. I think it's adorable and just lovely. Only thing I see wrong is a slight magenta cast to the whole image. Does anyone else see it or do I need to calibrate again?
I agree......thanks for the feedback

About the magenta cast, it could be my computer....due for a calibration!
Definitely keep and go with the original. I don't like the poster edge at all on this photo.
$Selective color baby.jpg

On the selective color: I overlayed the b&w onto the color one and just erased the parts I wanted in color. (but I did it quick so I should have done that in reverse because I then had to take a 3rd color layer and turn it b&w for the bottom layer and reduce the color (the middle layer) to around 50% opacity)

$Selective color baby 2.jpg

Just a couple quick edits. I just copied the image into another layer and made it b&w. Then I took the saturation opacity down to around 50% (you can do either layer) ant then I added a vignette and grain.

byt - this only took me about 5 minutes for both photos. Take some time with it. This is just an example.
Really nice photo.

I like the original and the selective color versions.

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