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Jun 20, 2005
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Aurora, CO
These are the kinds of things i get to play with at work! Its a purpose built minicooper S thats been setup for roadracing, it has hand built suspension components, tenpiston caliper brakes, its stupid fast. But i was looking for an excuse to play with my new camera at work, so here ya go :D





Nice pics... do you mind fixing the spacing though so they dont all run together? It looks like a REALLY neat car.
cool car, so what do you do for work?
looks like fun, now lets see it in action!!! ;)
thanks! sorry bout the spacing. As far as action pics go, i have a whole bunch of it on its old setup(which was not meant to be driven on the street ever) shooting huge flames on the track. Now the car has a street legal exhaust, and no more slicks, so he can drive it on the street as well as the track. the next event is may 11, and you can bet ill be there!

About my job-I work at a performance shop, mostly we do japanese cars, but we also do some euro cars(like my jetta, and this mini etc). we sell all sorts of parts(exhausts, turbos, electronics, suspension etc). We also do a bunch of in house fabrication. We build our own exhaust systems(which is what this was in for) and turbo kits and stuff. its definatley fun!

and this thing is anything but cute :D its loud, fast, and one super super stiff bumpy ride!

thanks again!
cool man, have you run that car at the strip? just curious what kind of numbers it buts down. i have a couple friends with some fast DSM's. check out their forum, who knows, you may be able to get some business from them. www.v8smokers.com
its never been run at the strip, its basically a road race only car(he used to compete in SCCA ITE class). hes driven it on some pretty famous tracks(laguna seca is one of them). the car makes about 250front wheel hp, but it weighs nothing. its fun beating turbo porches in a mini :D
sounds like a fun car, thats a hell of a hp number from such a small car. i bet its alot of fun.
Thats a nice car, I love MCS's. I never knew there were 10 piston calipers for cars though (Did you mean tarox calipers). Either way that thing must stand up on end when hitting the brakes hard.
Yes, they are indeed Tarox calipers. 10 pistons=violent braking haha. The car also has Leda coilovers with remote reservoirs, a custom one of a kind air->water intercooler, one of a kind cylinder head, basically anything you could think of.

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