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Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by Soul Rebel, Feb 1, 2006.

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    Well....two, actually. My mother found out that our Wal-Mart is hiring somebody to take family photos. Sure its not very exciting but its a start. Im not sure I am going to apply though since it would take a lot of time away from my fiance and our two kids since I am going to college.

    And today I got an email back from our school newspaper saying that they could always use photographers. This was in response to an email I sent letting them know that I had taken some photos of the clock at the college and whether they would be interested in them. So I might be taking photos for the school newspaper.

    Very exciting but also very scary. Im pretty new at this and I think I may be taking on too much. I would be learning on the job and would have to do so very quickly.

    Would taking these on be a smart thing to do?

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    Smart may not be the best word. I think start is a better word. Working at Walmart or the paper can be exciting. The key is to approach the work with your passion. Passion for the work will move you from the newspaper or whatever to your own studio and points beyond.

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