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May 21, 2006
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hi to all of u my name says it all lol iam just woundaring is there a software that shows the details of pictures i mean size what camera was used and other detailes cause i forgot what was the software name i used to have it. it was simple just right click any image and u can now if it was net pic or real original picture taken by nekon or canon like that .

so any one have the answer 4 that

tks all 4 u time

more recomended softwares i wanted to know cause iam posting my pics some were els and we r trading pics over msn i wanted to know is the other coples sending us the pics r original pics or pics from the net thats the whole subject tks again and sorry for the noob Q

love u all
tempra tks sweety kisses 4 u ;)

i have options now tks 4 all of u who have answered me and those who didnt answer me love u all and bye

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