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Aug 7, 2007
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North Bay California
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On wed I have a session with a lady who wants a photo for her upcoming 50th High School Reunion. Her session is part of my New Year's Pay it Forward promo I am doing with one of my local groups so this client it getting a free session and $65 print credit. She told me she will probably be going to her HS reunion next year and they want a photo for the website and mini annual they are printing. I have never had a session with someone her age so is there any advice you can offer?
Soft lighting, simple classic posing as this is what she's probably expecting.
Fill flash with gels to warm up the skin, if possible.
Be careful of her smile wrinkles show up worse. Gels are colored plastic that goes over your flash to change the temp of the lighting the way you want. It can work wonders but it can also ruin a shoot if you are not a little practiced you can also use a gold reflector and bounce your flash off of that onto your subject to fill with a warm effect. It is cheap and works well and you will use it again and again but not as cheap as gels or as easy to carry.

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