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May 22, 2003
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I need some advice from you guys because I am starting at the VERY beginning. I am going to buy a camera, and have never done so before. I would like some advice on what to buy. My budget is somewhat limited since I am also in the process of purchacing a new viola (and they are not cheap!!!!) Thanks alot!!
you can get some great deals at pawn shops. For $125 I got a manual minolta SLR with standard lens.
I'm sorry, but I guess I was unclear. When I said that my budget is somewhat limited I meant don't reccomend a $1000 camera. The main thing is that I don't know very much about cameras or what to buy!
If you want to just take snapshots, get a point and shoot. If you want to learn photography, get a camera with full manual controls and manual focus. Good camera brands like Pentax or Canon have lower end manual SLR's at reasonable prices. Or like the man said, you can buy used.

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