I pulled the trigger on a D50 today.


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Dec 30, 2011
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I've been pondering selling my A6000 rig and replacing it with a D50. I have several Nikon AF-S lenses that I just could not adapt to the Sony and have full function. So, today I checked with B&H and they have 2 lens bundle at a pretty reasonable price. But, what really sealed the deal was that as an option you can add a FTZ adapter for around $40. I couldn't pass it up.
So as you have had it a while now ... how does it compare to your Nikon FF ?
The old D50? You're ditching your A6000 (released in 2014) for a Nikon that came out nine years earlier in 2005?

What made you choose that camera specifically? Why not something newer and more comparable to the A6000?
Its the all new Dz-50 little baby Nikon.
I continue to be impressed by this little camera. I have the 2 lens + FTZ converter kit. I also bought a Flashpoint/Godox tt350n flash which is a perfect size and has all the functions I need in a flash. The FTZ adapter works just fine with AFS lenses but, will not AF or VC with my Tam 150-600 G1. Can't really blame the adapter for this. I'm debating getting a Nikon 12-24 f/4 ultra wide to use with the adapter. I've ran into a few situations where the 16-50 just wasn't wide enough. I haven't seen any plans from Nikon to make any more Z-50 lenses. I prefer to get a native one but may have to settle for an AFS with the adapter. As for comparing it with the D850? Apples and oranges but, the IQ from the Z-50 is better than what I use to get from my D7500. I think it is because of how the Z lenses match up with the system.

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