I think I might like this shot


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Jan 5, 2005
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Syracuse, NY
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This is either pretty cool or it sucks, I can't decide...

i think the background dosn't make your tree stand out enough... cuz it's a really nice tree
I like the mood. It's almost as if the tree was trapped by the building but is breaking out.
You almost have two really neat pictures here. I was drawn to the building and was going to comment on that, but then when I read the other comments, I took a second look and saw that the tree itself is really neat, too. Overall, I really like the colors and the lines in this. Neat capture.
I don't think it sucks...:)
I agree tho', it looks like the tree is stuck and trying to break free.
And the lines in this shot are most appealing!
Well... I think it's really cool! It represents nature and man cohabitating together side by side! :thumbsup:

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