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Apr 3, 2006
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hey guys, im looking for a uv polarizer lense for my camera, but i cant find one, my lense is a 45.5mm and the chick at the camera house said that if i cant find one, get a bigger one and just hold it over the lense.... is this advised? where could i find one? ebay and camera house is the only place i can think of, and they didnt have one, so yer any help would be tops,

thanks, llew
What exact model of lens are you using? If it's a digital compact camera, there's a chance that there are no accessories for that size available, especially if it's the retracting lens type.

Generally, the screw thread filter size is written on the inside of the lens cap next to a symbol not dissimilar to a theta.

i have a kodak Z650 - its slr-like and its a schneider lens, any more info needed? i found them on ebay, i just dont have a scredit card so i cant get them
Dpreview says that camera has a lens thread with an optional adaptor. It looks like there are some on eBay which would do it, but you're gonna need to use PayPal or something:


If you want to get one elsewhere, you need to find the mm measurement of the screw thread. The advert indicates that it is 52mm, but that may be with some kind of adaptor.

i have an adapter to a 55mm lense, is there a online shop for shiz like this, australian would be prefered,

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